Rembrandt Landscape Was Actually Painted by Rembrandt


The world-famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rjin painted few landscapes. For many years this Landscape with Arched Bridge was long attributed to him because of its brownish color scheme. But no one knew for sure because he didn’t sign it.

Now a team of experts have studied the problem and decided, Yep, it’s Rembrandt all right!

Currently hanging in Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie, this reattribution of the painting brings the number of known landscapes by van Rjin to a grand total of seven!

You will find it on display in the exhibition “David Hockney – Landscapes in Dialogue,” which includes Hockney’s series “Three Trees near Thixendale.”

For further information, read this piece in ArtNews.

Author: Cooper Ward

Cooper Ward hails from Lake Plains, IL, which he describes as “the flattest place east of Nebraska.” He enjoys watching cooking shows and listening to semi-classical music.