New Test Post for You and Yours

The story is told about a little child who was so tiny he was no bigger than the end of your little finger. Hence he was named Little Pinky-end. His parents were poor CPAs and couldn’t support their teeming brood, … Read More


New Plasticene Hummel Kit with the D-I-Y Flavour

Franz Gass, copartner of W. Goebel Porzelanfabrik in Oeslau near Coburg discovered a book with Hummel motifs. It was love at first sight and led to a contract with the artist in 1934. The sculptors Reinhold Unno (1880-1974) and Arthur Kelly (1886-1972) … Read More

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Charlie Krafft’s Lovecraft Award Is a Hit

From As some people on Twitter have noticed, an organization called Counter-Currents Publishing has launched an “H. P. Lovecraft Prize for Literature.” The accolade is, in part, a rebuttal to the World Fantasy Awards’ recent decision to stop using a sculpted likeness … Read More


Jon Gnagy, Master of Simple Shapes, Dies at 119

Jon Gnagy, the TV drawing teacher who showed millions how to turn a simple triangle into a cocker spaniel, died yesterday in his home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 119 years old. Burial will be next week in the Old Moldovian … Read More


Say Something Smart About Art

I’m trying hard here not to be another Paddy Johnson. I keep looking at her Art Fag City stuff to see if there’s anything I can pilfer, but it’s mostly marginal arts ‘n’ crafts. They like artsy “events” rather than … Read More


Stalking the Wild Jackson Whites

My friend Sallie writes, Does anyone remember Zoom? It was a kiddie show in the 1970s. Kids in bare feet and striped jerseys, improvising the program as they went along. It was invented by an English TV producer named Chris … Read More

Tiffany Thayer and the Fortean Fascists (Part 2)

“Boys Who Ought to Go Regularly to a Gym.” The Fortean Society was founded on January 26, 1931, with a great fanfare of sounding brasses, tinkling cymbals, after-dinner speeches, and press releases. Thereafter the Society did practically nothing for six years. The venue for that First … Read More

Tiffany Thayer and the Fortean Fascists (Part 1)

Unlikely linchpin of Postwar America’s Far Right was a slick-haired, grinning ad copywriter and ex-actor with the mad moniker of Tiffany Thayer (1902-1959). Thayer earned a handsome pile as scribe of radio jingles (Pall Mall cigarettes) and “meretricious bestsellers” (TIME, May 26, 1956)—quite enough … Read More

Don’t Learn About Art THIS Way!

None too subtle was Theodore Shaw, the inventor of Conjecturism, a theory of art criticism that he invented, and continued to peddle via double-truck ads in newspaper supplements and various sectarian-intellectual journals of the 1940s-60s (Commonweal, Commentary, Partisan Review). Many … Read More