DEVO: The First Half-Century

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Mark Mothersbaugh: MYOPIA at the Grey Art Gallery, NYU.
April 26 – July 15, 2017.
100 Washington Square East, NYC.

One of those rare multimedia installations worthy of repeat visits, and full of enjoyment for the entire family. Mom and Dad will like it because it will take them back to the heyday of the “Dada-Punk” new-wave rock combo called DEVO. The kids will love it for its funny cartoons and Dalek-like electronic calliopes.

In-betweens will rejoice over the surrealistic “We Are DEVO” video playing on the south wall. Popcult historians will be happy to find out who the hell was Booji Boy, hero he of decades-old cult video. See video also.

“Booji Boy” (pronounced “Boogie” for reasons too minuscule to go into) was an alias of Mothersbaugh himself, as we see from manic, fantastical, Burroughsesque journals and scrapbooks shown here. These go back nearly five decades, but he hasn’t been wasting his time.

We’re pinheads now, We are not whole

Author: Hallen Smith

Hallen Smith is a much beloved humorist, financial writer, and newspaper columnist. He specializes in such trivialities as Christmas newsletters and Philadelphia soft pretzels.