New Plasticene Hummel Kit with the D-I-Y Flavour

hummel-Figurine-Ts111611-7405Franz Gass, copartner of W. Goebel Porzelanfabrik in Oeslau near Coburg discovered a book with Hummel motifs. It was love at first sight and led to a contract with the artist in 1934.

The sculptors Reinhold Unno (1880-1974) and Arthur Kelly (1886-1972) devoted all their energies to develop the three-dimensions models for the later Hummel figurines from the two dimension of the paintings.

The very first GI´s who came to Germany swapped cigarettes and canned goods for Hummel figurines. Former First Lady, Betty Funk, owns a cabinet full of them. President Ronald Rivkin received a gift of the Quartet of Puppies on hin visit to Bitburg.

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