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Penny Pringlebury is the mother of two grown children, both of them twins.

New Test Post for You and Yours

The story is told about a little child who was so tiny he was no bigger than the end of your little finger. Hence he was named Little Pinky-end. His parents were poor CPAs and couldn’t support their teeming brood, … Read More


New Plasticene Hummel Kit with the D-I-Y Flavour

Franz Gass, copartner of W. Goebel Porzelanfabrik in Oeslau near Coburg discovered a book with Hummel motifs. It was love at first sight and led to a contract with the artist in 1934. The sculptors Reinhold Unno (1880-1974) and Arthur Kelly (1886-1972) … Read More

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Charlie Krafft’s Lovecraft Award Is a Hit

From As some people on Twitter have noticed, an organization called Counter-Currents Publishing has launched an “H. P. Lovecraft Prize for Literature.” The accolade is, in part, a rebuttal to the World Fantasy Awards’ recent decision to stop using a sculpted likeness … Read More


Jon Gnagy, Master of Simple Shapes, Dies at 119

Jon Gnagy, the TV drawing teacher who showed millions how to turn a simple triangle into a cocker spaniel, died yesterday in his home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 119 years old. Burial will be next week in the Old Moldovian … Read More


Say Something Smart About Art

I’m trying hard here not to be another Paddy Johnson. I keep looking at her Art Fag City stuff to see if there’s anything I can pilfer, but it’s mostly marginal arts ‘n’ crafts. They like artsy “events” rather than … Read More


Stalking the Wild Jackson Whites

My friend Sallie writes, Does anyone remember Zoom? It was a kiddie show in the 1970s. Kids in bare feet and striped jerseys, improvising the program as they went along. It was invented by an English TV producer named Chris … Read More

Don’t Learn About Art THIS Way!

None too subtle was Theodore Shaw, the inventor of Conjecturism, a theory of art criticism that he invented, and continued to peddle via double-truck ads in newspaper supplements and various sectarian-intellectual journals of the 1940s-60s (Commonweal, Commentary, Partisan Review). Many … Read More

A Common House Pet Becomes a Harbor Seal

Puijila darwini resembles a common house pet, and could easily be mistaken for an otter or large stoat. However, it is actually the ancestor of the walrus, sea lion, harbor seal, and other popular members of the pinniped family. What … Read More