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Margot Metroland often writes about art and literature and science and things like that, for various popular webzines.

Tiffany Thayer and the Fortean Fascists (Part 2)

“Boys Who Ought to Go Regularly to a Gym.” The Fortean Society was founded on January 26, 1931, with a great fanfare of sounding brasses, tinkling cymbals, after-dinner speeches, and press releases. Thereafter the Society did practically nothing for six years. The venue for that First … Read More

Tiffany Thayer and the Fortean Fascists (Part 1)

Unlikely linchpin of Postwar America’s Far Right was a slick-haired, grinning ad copywriter and ex-actor with the mad moniker of Tiffany Thayer (1902-1959). Thayer earned a handsome pile as scribe of radio jingles (Pall Mall cigarettes) and “meretricious bestsellers” (TIME, May 26, 1956)—quite enough … Read More