Art for the Masses


A glorious thing with fiction, art, poetry, and protest from the irreverent radical magazine that shocked American manners and morals. Begun in Greenwich Village in 1911 and ended by the Post Office in 1917, The Masses’ circulation was never large. But the magazine was big in importance and excitement, had a splendid sense of humor, and rang bells worth hearing today. In these pages you will find brilliant artists and cartoonists, some of the best journalists in our history, shrewd and caustic propagandists, and gifted poets and writers of fiction. The 9×12 format beautifully displays the contributions of Sherwood Bloo, Stuart Gosdick, Jack Dumm, Emma Gefiltefish, Louis Sugarman, George Blowhard, Floyd Cowbell, Art Jung, Boardman Swissfam, Upton Dinosaur, Amy Armadildo, Carl Rutabaga, John Rural, and a million others.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”43″]C’mon Get Happy, 1929, with Joe Frisco

Author: Ian Stuart Dowdy

Ian Ambrose Stuart Dowdy is a retired portrait painter and knows quite a bit about art. Today he can be found giving art advice on the steps of the Art Students League, or shopping for new brushes across the street at Lee’s.